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New! need some HELP!

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hecko everyone! Ive been doing some research abouth RC-CAM projects. im a RC enthisuast since about 5 years ago. I would really like to be part of this RC-CAM world, I have some planes I would like to try with this. However, I wanted to post some messages to get some feedback and advice on a new setup.

ive been looking at the following:

K131 Camera

2.4ghz 600mw Transmitter/Receiver Set from Black Widowav

i-theater glasses....


I also found the futurehobbies.com website which offered:

Elite - 1000mw Aerial Video System

do you think any of this would be a good setup? how about the i-theater glasses?

I would really appreciate your feedback.

thanks a lot.

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Range is something that can't really be determined or explained based on raw transmitter power. So many other factors will go into it, such as transmitting antenna gain/orientation, receiver antenna gain/orientation/polarity etc etc etc. The amount of metal buildings in the area will add to multipathing, the list just goes on and on.

The 600mW system would be more than adequate, I'm pretty sure that the 1w system would be extreme overkill unless you plan on flying over 6000 ft altitude, and even then a 600 mw system would work with the right antenna equipment.

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A good antenna is extremely important. I use a GPP(Goof Proof Patch) which took the range of my 400mw system and more than tripled it. I've flown close to a mile away with absolutely clear video the entire time, where before I put that antenna on there I was using the stock dipole, or rubber whip, antenna and only got about 1200 feet of range. The extremely easy to follow instructions for building a GPP are found on this site, and its also very cheap to build.

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Thanks for your replies! Future hobbies has also the 600wm system. So between both 600wm systems, which one which you choose. The future hobbies system has:

420 TVL Sony CCD camera

Custon articulated camera mount

8 channel A/V receiver

4 channel 600mw A/V transmitter

550mAh Li-Poly battery

Wire harness with gold pin Molex connectors

Omni-directional transmitter and receiver antennas

RCA cables

Battery charging cable

this for about $300.

would this be a good system to start with?

what about the goggles?

thanks a lot!

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