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jdm programmer for 12f629 for hz x port

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Hi, (Newbie) trying to follow the directions you have for the pic 12f629 chip flash programming. On the http://www.rc-cam.com/cammanxp.htm for the circuit to make the shutter work from my hobbyzone super cub's xport, there is in red letters

" Warning: If your chip programmer asks if you wish to use the OSC CAL value from the hex file, then be sure to click the response that leaves the value alone. If you use the data from the file it will over-write the factory stored CAL data and the PIC will be rendered useless! You should also read this: OSC cal data corruption work-around"

I am not sure which button I need to have on/off. can you please look at the attached screen shot, and advise.



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I don't have any experience with your programming system, so I can't help.

BTW, I see they have a checkbox for the bandgap setting. This value is written at the factory and should not be altered by the programmer. If possible, find a way to disable that too.

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