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Which power supply?

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Ok, if I go with a 12V camera, and my transmitter runs on 8V, what power setup would be best? The MIC I have is rated for 6-15V input, so either way doesn't really affect it.

I could stick with the 8.4V battery I'm using now, and get an Anyvolt Mini to step that up to 12V for the camera, or go with a 12V battery and use a regulator to step down to 8V for the transmitter.

Personally, I think the second option would be best, to have the regulator on the transmitter for a more stable voltage and therefore more stable signal.

Any other input?

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If anyone else is wondering, another good reason for going with the 12V battery and stepdown regulator, is the costs! The Anyvolt Mini is $25.00, but you can get a regular old fixed 9V regulator rated for 1.5 amps for a mere $0.75! That sure helps my descision.... lol

Time to get this thing in order now...

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