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Has anyone put any thought into doing an FPV aircraft with dual cameras/transmitters for a steroscopic platform? I've seen some video goggles that accept different inputs for the left/right eye and it would seem that it'd be pretty easy to set up. Perhaps mount one camera on each wing for a greater baseline/parallax? Maybe mount both cameras to a fixed arm that is on a pan/tilt mount to retain gyro control?

Any thoughts on this?

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Have a look at this:


Also another project on this page:


Generally you need two cameras which sync-locked to eachother. It's easier to do with CMOS cams but they have several drawbacks. Picture quality isn't as good as with CCD's, and the sync doesn't always work perfect, the slave cam might reset white balance and shutter as well on every sync pulse it gets from the master.

Best way to go is to buy two identical CCD boardcams capable of accepting external sync (preferably gen lock), run one with internal sync and slave the second cam to it.

Everything else can be easily done with the circuits described on those pages above.

For cam have a look at:


I haven't tried those, yet. However, in theory they should work. BTW there's another thread:

"3D Stereo imaging idea on the cheap"



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I did find a circuit diagram that can sync the image from two cameras using genlock chips so they can be merged or interleaved, but when I tried to find the chips in the diagram I found I was years too late, the diagram was made in 1993 and the chips nowhere to be found :(

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