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Ground Plane Antenna

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It is a 1/4 wave driven element that has four or more radial reflectors. It's a popular antenna for VHF and higher frequencies. With the microwave band, the size is very compact.

Yb2normal's site shows how to build a 2.4Ghz design. You can scale it for other frequencies. It is best used on the Tx side. From my experience it is a bit too omni for the Rx, but there are some folks are using it there too.

If you want to know more about them then just pick up a decent amateur radio antenna book. Nearly all of them discuss groundplane designs.

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You divide 2808 by the Mhz freq of your Tx.

For example, the ground plane's element size for a 1.26Ghz Tx would be:

2808 / 1260 = 2.23 inches.

There is really a lot more to building antennas than just the math. There are some good antenna books sold on the arrl.org web site. I recommend that you check them out (or save some $ and see what the library or local college has on the shelf).

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