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Bennett RC Airfield Las Vegas, NV

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Out of 6 planes I have 2 of which have onboard video. The other is a Hobbico Nexstar. So far I thought the two modified high wing planes for stability. Next I want to mount onboard video in horizon hobby twist plane fun aerobatic fun.

I have mounted a high gain patch antenna and RX with li po battery in a bicycle helmet. It is light and can move my head around ok. It works great. The other antenna is a grid dish type and mounted on a one by two inch by 4 foot board. A handle on end toward antenna. Simply rest the other end on shoulder. Works great too. However need a 2nd person. The helmet one I need no other person to aim. You can see video here google.

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=83...769372961643800 :)

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Well you have a good picture with very little dropout. Ever think of pointing the camera out the front of the plane and flying FPV? :D

With a plane as fast as yours, you will need a saftey pilot.


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