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Noise, "static" in video?

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I asked in the other thread, but figured I'd start a seperate one just for this...

Talking about the noise I see in my videos, most of which I have posted so far. Here's an example...


About that noise in the video... If you'll notice, it's showing up with the motor running or not, and comes and goes at times. I'm not sure what's doing it, but it's never showed up not once while testing in the house or at close proximity on the ground. When I set the plane on the runway to take off, it starts, and usually clears up for a few seconds as the plane passes by the receiver, then starts up again. I'm powering the camera and transmitter off the same battery, but nothing else. The noise is there with or without a mic connected. I'm pretty much at a loss for an explanation though. Any ideas?

I've been looking at a 200mW setup (I think it was 200) and will probably go with that and just ditch the little ebay crud. I'm scraping to buy what I've got now though! lol Next month it'll be a new transmitter and receiver though. Hopefully anyway... smile.gif

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