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Another EasyStar baby from SPAIN ( grow de family)

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Well, I show you my second EasyStar FPV version, this has a new look.

A new Vflyer son. :D


Tx: 1W Blackwindowav

Tx antenna: clasical ruberduck 3dbi

RX: Blackwindowav

Rx antenna: Rubberduck 9 Dbi ( very good signal quality up to 1 km around) ( I use the 18 dbi Patch to log range only).

Googlez: z800 from emagin.

Cam: CCD 480 lines

lens: 2.8mm

An extra: I put a siren in the front side of the cam to warn myself in the case of lose r/c signal. I conected it to the fail-safe in a free channel of rx. So, if the airplane crash, I can listen the siren. It has 96 decibelius. A 2 positions swich can activate it to discretion too.

It use a relay 12v: http://www.dimensionengineering.com/PicoSwitch.htm

In a future I will conect it to the free chanel audio to lisen it too.



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Beautifull planes, another baby, where are the cigar !

What is the 9 dbi antenna you talk, I want one !

Have a look at this site WiFi Antennas

It's an Australian site, but they have a lot of good info and products.

-AT-Sergio00: Very nice aircraft! Do you have a video from the weekend? Would love to see some of Spain. The siren is an interesting addition, have you had to use it yet?

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I had used the siren with the swich. Fortunatly never needed it to find the airplane. It star to whistle when turn off the r/c radio or when lose r/c signal. The reciver is SPCM.

The 9 Dbi rubber duck is a classical ruber duck. Is hasn´t any special.

I bought it in this place: http://www.aircables.net/antenna-rubber-duck.html

In the past, I used it in the motor glider ariane ( 3 meter )like Tx with a retractil system home made to long range

http://www.aeromodelismovirtual.com/viewtopic.php?t=12 but is imposible to use it like Tx in the Easystar (antenna Length 38 cm ) so, I use it like Rx now.

I lose video signal only if flight over the antenna. So, to avoid that, when I aproach to the antenna, I descend to be in the rubberduck´s reception area. Then I get altitude again. Excelent reception up to 1 Km 360º (2 Km diameter!, I never tested more than that)

I am looking for an Archos Av500 recorder with good price. I haven´t a recorder yet :(

I promise you when I get one, I will send the videos from the south of Spain :P . 480 lines CCD and 2.8 has very good cuality.

Best regards


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Very nice set-up you have there! I'm curious about your total weight and battery/power system. Can you tell us more?

I think the siren is a great idea. I had an airplane go down on a small mountainside and I was lucky to find it several hundred yards downhill in thick forest. It was much further out than I had guessed, and the only way I found it in the trees was by listening to the motor respond to the transmitter.

My usual flying site is also heavily surrounded by thick stands of trees, and while I stay in visual range of my easystar, if it ever went down, it would be very hard to find. I'm going to put a lost plane locater similiar to Rc-Cam's LOMA in all my video planes.

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The total weight is 930 gr, battery include.

I has a 800mA 3 s for the cam and tx ( 1 hs autonomy). I use an independet swich to turn on/off the cam/tx. A led indicador show me when the video system is on.

Other Battery to engine: 1200ma 3S ( 20 minutes ) or an 1500mA 3S to long flight ( 26 minutes).

Engine: AXIS 2208/20

prop: 6x5

Ruder: Is a copy of rob10000 :D

Ailerons: I am working in that with a second couple of wings.

The reciver: SPCM SMC-20 graupner 12 channels.

Now i use 8 channel ( ruder, engine, 2 ailerons, elevator, 2 pant&tilt, siren relay, and another channel with his cable for reserve in the future.

The siren is very useful to find the airplane and to know the position of the plane lisen the sound if I want. Is very easy to do.

Rob000, your dog is the best,, is a GOLDEN? I love dogs, and is very funny to see your canine running behind the airplane. I dont want imagine whats happens if him catch it.

Best regards!!!


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