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Audio channel question

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My name is Jesús from Spain, I have one question about the audio channel of a 2.4ghz Rx/TX. I know how use the audio channel for GPS, but I want to use the audio channel to recieve other parameters ( speed, rpm, temperature, inclinations...) of the flight, but I don´t know if I can use the same radio channel of the GPS. What do you think about?

Yours faithfully.


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Problem with trying to add more than GPS data to the audio channel is the available bandwidth you have. If I remember correctly, you have enough to do 1 to 2 hz GPS updates, but when you add in more telemetry data everything will pretty much be updated once every one or two seconds.

If you really want that kind of info, best thing to do is use an OSD board, like the Vision or Inspire. That will put the info over the video channel so its easy to see.

If you don't want to do that, then you will need some kind of telemetry transmitter, and a receiver to get all the info and put it into usable form.

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