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ok i boguth a 2.g ghz sytem from ebay... im not really good with electronics but i learn pretty fast... so i ditched the camera because it was crappy i found a unused WIRED camera i had from my home surveillance system... well the problem is that i powered the tx and camera with a nicd 10.8 volts 1000 ma and it worked but i thought it was really heavy so i thought if i took out some batteries out it would still work to make it lighter but it didnt and den i went out and bought a electrifly lipo 3 cell 11.1 volt 720 ma but now that doesnt work with it and the only thing will power the tx and camera is the wall adapter that came with the system..i need to know what is it that can do

Output Type : Color TV output

Output Power : 200 mW

Output Frequency : 2400 mHz (2.4 GHz)

Power Supply : 8-12V DC (or 9V battery) for camera,

8-12V DC (or 9V battery) for receiver.

High Power Transmitter Size : 2.5cm x 3.7cm x 1cm

High Power Transmitter Weight : 25g

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