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Vrflyer, do you mean 7805 or 7808 ?

I must admit 8v to 12v seems a large range for no regulator inside.


I mean 7808. All camera that I tried have regulator and design to work on 12V. But all these camera work also when the voltage drop to 8V without any problem. Are you sure where you get your info they know what they say, Your camera probably have regulator in it. Look with a magnifier and follow the input lead, sometime it goes directly to a regulator.

Send another e-mail and ask them if you can use a standard 12V dc tranfo to power your cam or you must absolutly use battery or special transfo with well regulated supply.

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Guessing i read the packet wrong or remember the voltage wrong hehe.

They are lipos.. i have quite alot of lipos lying around :).

When i called them they said any voltage over 12v will kill it.


Is what i made up :) seems to work.

edit: Actually i didn't end up putting the LED in. Couldn't be assed.

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