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Didn't realize how close we had come until I got home and was importing the video. Good thing I record on the ground, I wouldn't have had a tape to look at if we had hit. The camera is a Panasonic cx-161 mounted underneath the front of a senior telemaster with a YS .63 supercharged 4 stroke for power. I have always liked being able to see the prop.

Download here:

http://www.stoneflyers.com/images/gps%20airplane/videos/close1.wmv ://http://www.stoneflyers.com/images/g...os/close1.wmv ://http://www.stoneflyers.com/images/g...os/close1.wmv



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Just mounted the small board camera in a radioshack project box, the box is mounted underneath the airplane with about 5 layers of sticky foam in the front to get the down angle and 2 lays of tape at the back. Then I used some tape to make sure the whole thing didn't fall off. I hadn't planned on flying that day so I had to throw everything together the night before until about 3 am.


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