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See my DVD Quality VIDEO test

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Well, Finaly I recived the Sony VRD-MC1 DVD recorder.

Is very easy to use. It works in 12V 3Amp.

Support DVD+-R; DVD+-RW, etc etc ( see the post that I put in this topic


and has several video in formats such

s-video, RCA, USB, DV digital. You can connect it to Computer by usb cable. It comes with DVD nero sofware.

I want show you my FIRST first test. I use in this test the 480 Lines CCD on the Easystar with a 2.8 mm Lens.

I use the DivX converter to reduce de megabits :). So you will need the DivX player to see this test.

This weekEnd I will record my flight and then i will post it in this forum :)

The DVD recorder price is from 130 to 190 u$s. Like I from Spain, I payed 200 Eur shipping include.



Best regards!!1



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Seems to record very good video. Now, let's expect a real condition test with dropouts and fast motion :)

What's the camera BTW?

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:lol: The cam is this one :


480 Lines CCD superHAD with board lens 2.8mm

Is a good cam. The consume 2.6W a little hight, but is ok.

I have another one camera with 520 lines with CS mount lets but is a little heavy for the easystar ( 120 gr.)

I hope to get good video record in real flight.

This weekend I will record!!!!

Other theme:

So Hi quality need a very good PC graphic board B) . I transferred the DVD video to the computer by USB and then changed it with DivX Hi Quality.

In the test, I used DVD+RW disc.

I put it in my very cheap DVD home player too ( wallmark 30 u$S :lol: ) and saw the video in my OLD TV. The viedo looks great!!!

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Other Interesting thing.

In the video, at the end, when the cam is doing fast movement, I noticed a little frames in the Buildings.

The curious thing is that these little frames, don´t appears when I play the video in my home DVD player conected to my TV ( is a cheap DVD player).


These frames in fast movements exist becouse of the COMPUTER SPEED is slow.

In Hight quality we will need a computer with High power processor and a very good VIdeo Board.

If anybody dont see these littles frames in the buildings, please said us wich video board use :)


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Wow, that camera's expensive. at least the quality is very good.

What do you mean by "little frames"? can you point out a time in the video where they appear?

The graphics card is not important when rendering video. CPU is more, and that even only is when you want to do live capture / effects. Editing and conversion are non real-time operations and thus can be made on about any machine, even if it can be very long with a slow one. What computer do you have?

I captured and edited my first video from a VHS recording on a good'ole Pentium 133 PC with 64Mb RAM...

There will always be some strange things happening when working on video with a computer as video equipment and PC's don't work the same way. There are technical concerns which might seem strange to someone who doesn't know about it. If you can precisely describe what you mean I might be able to explain the reason for it.

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The littles frames are in 41 to 45 segs of the video.

Speaking with Wavess ( RC-cam member) said me that he dont see any frames in his computer, I dont see the frames when play the video in my home DVD.

So the conslusion is: I see the frames becouse my computer is very slow ( pentium 2 jajaja).

Kilrah, I will post videos this weekend. I will try put audio ( with a mic in the airplane). I think that this device is very very very cool. I know that you are member of RC-Tech, arent you? This quality can will give you increble realistic sessation :o to your videos, i think.

I am looking for a good program to edit DVD ( put music, text, etc). The sofware that comes with the MC1 ( my DVR) is not good. Is the "Nero Visio express". The problem is that the max. resolusion in DiVX that the NEro work is is 640x480 and my DVD Videos Resolution are 720 x 576. So The Nero Visio express reduce quality when edit.

Now I am usin the DivX converter, that mantein the same quality than source, but this program cant edit video :(.

I trayed using the Nero Vision express editing DVD in MPEG2 format too, is OK but the MPEG2 video is 3 times biger than DivX format. For this reason I am lookin for a good video Editor that work with DVD or DivX ( I would edit in DVD and then decoder it to DivX or Edit in DivX directly). I think that this programs exists but no in Free version :P

So, for this weekend i will put audio from a mic without music. :lol:

Best Regards


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