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I just got a DIY Pic programmer "kit number 150".

I am trying to burn the PIC`s but with no luck.

After loading the hex-file and setting the fuses as describer, I try to burn the pic. I get a message that " Calibration data from chip does not match programming data. Chip= 0x6c File= 0xFF. The new data may not program properly. Continue with new data? yes /no"

If I say yes, it doesnt work, and I am able to read the pic!

What is wrong?



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I have no idea why the programmer is attempting to write to the OSC calibration data area. It should not do that whenever the target PIC has data in it. Changing the factory written data will result in serious problems.

I have never used the DIY programmer. But I would expect that somewhere in the PC software there is a user setting that instructs the programmer to not touch the calibration data location.

You may need to contact the DIY designer for help on this issue.

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Thanks for the reply!

Now it works!

I asked DIY and he told me just to continue, but as I said earlier it didnĀ“t work.

I read the pic code and added the OSC calibration data at the end of the HEX file, where it before said FFF. After this it worked, but not because of the reply I got from DIY Bad customer service!:(

I will let you know later how it works. I have a gear reduction of 3:1, but still seems fine!

I installed a voltage regulater, LM7805, but it reads 5,8V instead of 5V. I tryed 3 different already, but with same result. The reg is a "LM340T5 7805"

Is 5,8V ok or not. I made the circuit following your "circuit idea".

Any ideas??



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If you are getting 5.8V out of the 7805 Vreg then something is wrong. I suspect that your Vreg connections have been reversed or that the middle Gnd pin is not properly grounded. Don't forget that the 7805 will need decoupling caps per the mfg's data sheet.

Lastly, it will not operate well if the input goes below 7.0V. That is why I recommeded the TK part on the schematic (it is a low dropout Vreg).

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