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Oh that's just a stupidly cool idea, love it!

A few thoughts on their setup:

I could be wrong but from the looks of things they went out and bought a couple of cheapie RC cars - no obvious signs of oil dampened suspension is a bit of a giveaway - attached a couple of cheap CMOS wireless cameras to them and the receivers to a couple of tvs.

Toys'R'Us for the RC cars, you don't want anything too powerful or fancy if novices are going to be driving, people who aren't used to RC cars find my Tamiya mini monster truck to be difficult on the throttle because it's so sensitive (going to have to add a switch to it to reduce the maximum speed because it ends up crashing too easily in the hands of a novice).

Hong Kong eBay sellers for the cheap wireless cameras, audio probably isn't a necessity so that'll reduce the price a little, a couiple of seats, couple tv tvs and a home-made track that the cars can't break out of.

edit: did you check out the video? http://www.francobelgedesign.com/htm_rcfight/video.htm

the photographs make the cars look bigger than they actually are, the video is more revealing about the scale of the project

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That´s the reason why I liked the idea to put it in practice here in Panama. It´s not so expensive, so can attract new audience to all kind of R/C hobbies. The R/C hobbies are declining here due to video games and other activities and those who have the hobby are using expensive vehicles.

I saw on ebay this equipment for starting:


Oh! another question: what happens if I have 2 or 4 of these same kids close on one track? will they work or cause interference?

Thanks for the help.

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For running 2 or more cars at the same time you'll need cars which have switchable frequencies, often the cheap cars only have fixed frequencies, here in the UK it's usually 27mhz and 40mhz allowing two cars to run without inteference, any more and you'll need cars with switchable channels.

As for the video side of things, the one you linked to should be ok for one car but there's a problem when it comes to using more than one at the same time, those cheap cameras run at fixed transmission frequencies so to get two that run at different frequencies is pot luck because the box doesn't say what frequency the camera runs at - the receiver doesn't care because it has a tuning dial and will work with any 1.2ghz camera.

The surefire way to make sure cameras don't clash frequencies it to buy ones that have a channel selection switch on them, like this 2.4ghz one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=320046942790

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Haha :lol:

I actually was the "technical consultant" on that one.

The 2 guys who made that are friends, I've already been working with them on a couple of projects :)

The cars are Hobbyzone Mini Maulers (about $100 1 1/2 year ago), they have interchangeable 27MHz crystals, you just have to be sure you ask for different ones when you buy them. We used CMOS cams indeed for budget reasons, and chose ones with a channel switch indeed.

That's about it for the technical part, they've borrowed a pair of TV's somewhere and off they went.

The rest is construction, it has been very well done and they're a lot better than me at it :lol:

That's true that even if airplanes are always the best, you can still have some fun with those cars... pleasure's just quite shorter ;)

I had bought myself the same a couple of months earlier before going on holiday, was enjoyable when there was too much wind to fly!

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