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hecko, I'm from Brazil, and I have a little dificulties to choice and purchasing glasses because here there isn't much sellers here.

I'm searching LCD glasses and Sergio already advice me that Z800 is a good choice (40º FOV, 800x600, ...). I agree. It seems be very good really.

However, z800 isn't a PAL/NTSC directly compatible(it needs a converter)

Do that converter need a new batterie and a new charger?

My big problem is that, as a said before, I'm in Brazil... I cannot walk to the shop and view, hold, ask to seller ...

So I need specify everything I'll need to make an order (glasses, converter, batterie, charger, connectors, anything more?)

Can you help me?

Thank you all.

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Heh heh. I saw that a buch of times and also thought maybe it was a different language for saying h e l l o. I saw it and thought "What the heck does that mean" :D

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