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Ok... then, somebody can tell me if the informations bellow are right?

Lens calculations facts using a 1/3" CCD (if a 1/4" CCD is used, just drop 10 degrees on each calculation):

Lens approximate degree field of view

--------- --------------------------------------

1.7mm: 170(160 if 1/4"ccd) degree field of view

2.5mm: 150 degree field of view

2.97mm: 130 degree field of view

3.6mm: 92 degree field of view

4.3mm: 78 degree field of view

6mm: 53 degree field of view

8mm: 40 degree field of view

12mm: 28 degree field of view

16mm: 19 degree field of view

25mm: 13.8 degree field of view

Just one question, anymore: I'm buying Z800 Head Monted Display that has 40 degrees FOV. So, is it advisable I buy a 8mm lens?

Thank you so much.

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I'm not using head mounted displays so I can't offer any specific advice to your questions. However, I can say that I mostly like 50º-65º FOV cameras.

But in the grand scheme, lens choice is mostly personal preference; there are no right answers and it all depends on how you want to view the world from the camera. FWIW, my experience has shown that the real performance issues that bug most of us are with the camera's electronic design. Performance is a wild card when it comes to dynamic range, color saturation, and so on. That is why some of us tend to avoid experimenting with unknown camera models (often leads to wasted money).

I guess what I am saying is that the lens choice is probably not the most important issue. I don't have any experience with your camera choice so I cannot offer any advice on it. I suspect that you'll just have to try it to really know if it suits your needs.

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