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Raptor Cam project in progress

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I am still working on my Raptor Cam but I have a few pictures of the progress so far if anyone is interested.


I am currently waiting on my DC-DC converter to arrive as well as the GP-KX121 cables. I was in Las Vegas over the weekend at one of my companies Aircraft Service Facilities, I got lucky and found a couple of feet of RG174 and RG 178 coax.

It appears that we use this type of cable on our Gulfstreams!. FREEBIE!!!

Only thing is I found that the RG174 is easier to work with than the RG 178.

Also I have a question to the length of the final antenna, I looked at the link on the RC-CAM site and found that the 4 inch long seemed to be recommended?

If not I have enough cable to make a couple more if I need but it sure would be nice to get a definate answer on the lenght.....

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