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Capt. Camping(PANAMA)

Scandisk V-Mate Video Memory Card Recorder

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I want to know if anybody has used the Scandisk V-Mate. I want to know if it is capable of recording and playing at the same time videos. I want to connect my video/audio RX to the input on the Scandisk to record and then the mini tft monitor to the output of the Scandisk.

Thanks for any help.


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Neuros has a forum with commnents and issues about the version 2 and 2 plus, but it seems the product is better than Scandisk V-Mate. Go there and read it. There is even some videos in Youtuve about it.

This option is cheaper than buying a Personal Video Recorder that costs more than $400.

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I went ahead and purchased the SanDisk V-Mate, and after playing with it for a couple of hours I'm starting to regret it.

First the good stuff:

- Tiny box, can be mounted just about anywhere, even on the HMD (its very light)

- Video quality is actually pretty good!, I recorded a clip from a DVD and I am quite happy with the quality. A recording captured at 30fps, 640x480 resolution in MPEG4, looks relatively decent full-screen on a 15" laptop.

Now the not so good stuff:

- Every time the power is applied, the thing asks for the date and time, extremely annoying!

- The box has no controls, everything has to be done with the remote. I just pray that I don't loose the thing!

- And now the killer... when recording at 640x480 resolution, there is NO PREVIEW!... just a black screen with 'REC' in the top left corner.

I really thought that this last issue was just a problem with my unit, but after a long call to technical support, and downloading the latest 'n' greatest manual, it appears that it is a known limitation!.

Just to make things worse, when recording in 320x240 resolution, the preview image is a tiny box in the center of the display, pretty useless!, especially on a portable 9" monitor.

The support guy claimed that the 640x480 preview issue would be fixed in the future with a firmware upgrade. Somehow I doubt it though.

Personally I think I'll work around the preview issue by building a buffered splitter, which would let me switch the LCD between the raw input, and the output of the V-Mate, but this is something that I would rather not have to do.

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Sorry about your bad experience, thats the reason I like more the Neuros, since on Youtube I saw an example of somebody recording while the TV displays at the same time what was recorded.

I imagined this drawback could happen, that´s why I made some research. I was suspicious about the Scandisk V-mate since there was no example to watch.

For now, the Neuros 2 Plus is the only cheap option. A drawback I saw on Neuros forums, the device seems to have a recording limit of 2 hours. Don´t know if they solved it.

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