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The other day I was thinkg about the possibility of carry a co-pilot aboard. Amazing. The copilot with the rear view? More amazing!

And... What about if I have a big electric airplane, for example B17 with 4 copilot?

I would be increible! To see the others cams moving and appearing in the fuselage. CREW: 5 FPVs: 1 pilot and 4 gunners.

A master reciver with 14 channels ( 6 to the pilot and 8 to the gunners).

6 Tx too? 1 main antena TX? 1 main antena rx? 5 recivers?

I am dreaming with a low energy laser to do fights with other models. A system with sensor that detect the laser shoot. We can use the Laser Tag Game system ( very, very cheap cheap ( 30 u$S + or -)

I think that would be possible with low weight and low energy.

To flight in "scuadrom" too? :rolleyes:

Well, the FPV is a dream comes true. Virtual fights and acrobatics scuadroms would be possible?

To fly with "crew" would be amazing. And the cost too!! So, like a real team, all the crew must aport money and time to the projet. In the future maybe appears tournaments!




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Hi Sergio,

I mentioned something similar right after you made your first video.

Then Ozflyer mentioned they make a great little laser tag unit for RC planes. Once you've been hit, the device shuts down your motor for a short while but you still have control of your plane.


Still, like I mentioned before take apart a laser tag unit is a good idea, then your microphone can pick up the noise when you get hit right?

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I am starting with electric car first and a cheap camera equipment.

Cars are more easy to make experiments with the cam were I live, since there is not much open field for flying planes and a lot of interference. Also, there are some guys driving nitros around, but their cars cost about more than $700 each one. :(

I hope some day to have people racing on cams here with some sponsorship. The traditional way of driving requires to have a special track. With the cam you can use any park as driveway to compete.

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Yee, its sould be great im and if you add smoke system or engine cut after it sould be very nice.

anyway my dream is to have clubs and to do it a sport.

who knows maybe one day youll british national team with there spits vs germans with there bfs :D .

but first ill strat it something less big me vs a friend .

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Capt. Camping do you have a site of this laser robo set? could be nice.

Anyway Gonna buy the airwars to check it out. thinking about adding the smoke System too. Yee the cut off system could be risky if you are unexperienced but im A man who lives on the edge B):D , in any case hope to get it all together soon And to post some fpv dogfights

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This is one, but they removed the price tag and has no servos.


Info site about robots and robo-fights


This kit comes with six servos for $300 without upgrades. They also have Rovonova that uses 16 servos, but is more expensive.



superdroidrobots.com have stuff for robots too. I got my first test camera kit from there.

There a group of people doing combat with tanks:



Another Tank group in Canada:

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You can use the X-Port technology made by Hobbyzone. They made a module that can be attach on their Firebird plane. "can transform an airplane into a long-range bomber, a master aerial combat machine, or an illuminated flyer on a calm night".

And it's not expensive look at here for detail . http://www.horizonhobby.com/Articles/Artic...?ArticleID=1494

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