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Composit signal from digital camera

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This is my first post here, I'm new to the wireless cam thing but have flown rc planes and helicopters for quite some time now...

Now, on to the question.

I want to send the video output from my digital camera (Olympus Stylus Verve) using the transmitter from a "2.4ghz spy cameras". Please tell me that this is possible... :unsure:

The digital camera has a composit output that I can plug in to the TV.

When I open the "Spycam" it looks verry much like the Hong kong camera that is in the special projects on this site.


Exept my has two white cables between the cam and the TX but I think that is because my has sound aswell. What do you think? Is it the sound?

So, could I just connect my cameras (yellow) video cable to the small TX's (yellow) video cable? Or is there signal streangth problem and stuff like that?

I think thats it, all my questions...

Here is a summary of my questions. :D

1: Is the second white cable between the cam and the TX for the sound?

2: If it is, is there a way to determine wich one that is for the sound and wich one is 8v?

3: Will there be any problem if I connect my digital cameras composit output to the video cable on the TX? (Like signal strength)

I'm hoping for some possitive answers... :)

// Peter Finnberg



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Of the various CMOS (wired and wireless) cameras I've taken apart it generally is the rule that black=ground, red=positive (ie 5v or 8v), white=audio and yellow=video but never trust it, always check.

You need a multimeter to determine what the ground and 8v lines are going to the transmitter, once you've figured that out then hooking up the video & audio is easy, if the video & audio wires are the same colour then try connecting them one way round and if that doesn't work then swap the wires.

Accidentally mixing up the audio & video lines won't do any damage because they're only 1v peak-to-peak, but you sure don't want to accidentally plug 8v back into your video source.

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