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Partially taming the vibrations of a glow

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Most stock one-cylinder glow engines are not perfectly balanced. It is possible to substantially improve this for the handy guy (like 30-50%) of measured transversal, or sideways vibration, by modification of the crank.

Especially small two-cycle engines gets extremely tame from this mod. It's like holding a bumble-bee :)

The improvement would not affect ignition impulse vibrations wich are noticable too. (to counter this, you need counter-rotating or zero-mass propellers).

If there is any interest in reducing the transversal vibrations of a glow or any i/c engine, I would gladely share what I know about it.

Reason I ask, is because there are som pictures and a lot of explanation, all text is in Swedish so everything would take some time to translate.

I wouldn't like to spam all this if no-one was interested.

I have successfully balanced a couple of engines according to the book and they are all running noticably smoother, especially when idling. They are also having a peak rpm slightly higher than normal. Some of them are suddenly running at low idle rpm without on-board glow and they are no longer shaking the guts out of my servos either.

Best regards,


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