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Well I decided that the Radio Shack project box (3x2x1) was too small for what I was trying to do wich is get all the components into the same box - the batt.

I went back to RS and got the 4x2x1 project box and it had all the real estate I needed so I went to work. I got my DC-DC converter yesterday along with the 10uf cap. and started soldering! Mr. RC Cam made a point about the audio, I was going to omit it originally but then I looked at the hacked up x10 cam board sitting there on my desk and decided to try to integrate it into my project. Not being totally sure if the sparks would go the way I wanted them to ( I am ok with electronics not great but ok) I plugged the x10 cam board mic stuff into my plan.

At this point all I am waiting for is the camera (GP-KX121) cable to get here from Digi key, should be later on today when it arrives I will finish the cam. I did take the advise and check my voltages both 4.8V to the camera and on the outbound side to the Tx I do have 12V so I think I won't smoke my cam

Pictures of New box set up


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Found out that the microphone hacked from the x10 system does in fact work!

I was looking at some footage of the old system I had (tuna can) vs the GP-KX121 video quality, I am amazed at the difference in quality. Mr. RC-Cam, sorry I questioned it in the first place! I would like to thank you for putting this info up on the web, it has been a real big help to me.

If anyone is interested I pieced together a crash clip I had of the old Tuna and the new vid from the GP-KX121 here it is


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Many internet providers dynamically rename subdirectories to prevent just these sort of links.

Utah, is the site where this is hosted just a file repository or does it host a webpage? If it hosts a webpage just set up a quick-n-dirty little page and link to the video from there.

It is great to see folks still being inspired by this relatively simple, yet infinitely rewarding hack.


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It must be the yahoo site that is not allowing the link. I have my own free site at anglefire so I uploaded the video to it this morning. The link is


This is the homepage, if you click on the Words "Windows Media Tuna Can Crash"

you should get the video downloaded in windows media format .wmv

BTW there are some pictures of a board camera on that site that I am trying to find a schematic for it came out of one of the first creative sound blaster web cams

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