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Virtual Vision Glasses

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This is another cheap option as a remote viewfinder for solo video. These were made in the early 90's, and have about the same resolution as LCD camcorder viewfinders from that era. The image is projected onto a prism, in front of and about halfway down one eye. The rest of your vision is unobstructed. They come in either left eye or right eye versions and the side cannot be switched. The prism is adjustable for focus, but the adjustment is only held by friction, and is easily knocked out of adjustment, so you usually need to readjust it everytime you put them on. The glasses look like a rather large pair of wrap around sunglasses, and they will fit over my glasses. You can find them on ebay occasionally for $100 or less. They were sold labeled as "Virtual Vision Sport" and also "Quorum Vision".

Halfway down this page is a picture and a good review of them. http://wearcam.org/head-mounted-displays.html

There is a pair on ebay ending tomorrow, currently at only $2, but I don't know anything about the seller.



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