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Chinese A/V radio camera

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I am very new to RC Cam and I am sure to do or say something embarrassing, but we all start somewhere so here’s my problem, I want to play around with a radio camera so to start me off I’ve got a cheap one from china, it came camera with inbuilt transmitter, a small TV antenna, (they recommend you don’t use.) some PP3 battery connectors, an AV radio receiver with a little “rubber duck” type antenna, and a cable with the same plug at each end – one plug fits into the receiver the other plug goes to a computer in my case but the plug being a single pin centre out side ring to earth I think! Don’t fit any computer or laptop that I ever laid eyes on. The receiver is marked A/V RADIO AV RECEIVER. Can anyone tell me how to connect the receiver to a P/C. Thanks gents.



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