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Camera control ground station

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On my latest heli, which I hope to use to shoot pro video, I have the camera gimbal (pan,tilt, rec on/off) setup on a second Xmitter.

I wish to integrate the ground rx for the vid downlink, the display monitor, and the camctrl TX all into a 1400 pelican hard case. I chose this case as its lid is just right size to mount the 12" lcd monitor used for viewing the downlinked video signal.

I wish to have no external dangly bits/antennas.

To that end I have hacked a futaba 6ex TX and made it fit in the case. I have used a length of 16ga wire that is wrapped round the interior of the case as the antenna. Wire length is matched to the TX stock ant length.

I was made aware that doing this might cause a problem with the RF output board, something about SWR matching.

I ran the TX in stock unmodified config and, using a IR temp gun, the output transistor gets to 135 degrees F. In the modifed version with the wire loop antenna it gets to 140. Not much of a diff but Id like to hear the experts opinion on this. It is very important that the case be self contained as it will very likely be used on a lap in a car that will be chasing the heli.



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Reading the last line my worry would be more about having the TX antenna inside the car.

If that was me I'd rather be using something like you can see on the photo in that thread:


Of course the camera control is much less important safety wise than the aircraft's control, but I can tell you it's VERY annoying when you have to shoot a sequence again twice because of a glitch moving the pan/tilt mount in the middle. Even worse when it's an event you can't repeat. Been there, done that.

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I am in the process of planning my portable ground-station and would like to know how yours worked out. I am after the same setup as you; particularily with a 12" or so monitor. What kind of monitor did you chose, an how are you powering it?

I have a Plextor PX-M402U digital video converter, which plugs into the Rx and laptop via usb. I don't know if recording and monitoring with a laptop based ground station is an ideal route to go.

Any chance of a couple of pics? :)

Thanks - Lachlan

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