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Starting my Easystar FPV Project

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So far I have my head tracker, the Easystar kit and most other components to make this project go. The only major thing I'm lacking are the goggles. Not sure what I'm going to get yet or when but for now I'll use my eyetops just for testing and messing around.

I have my pan and tilt built so I guess it's time to start on the plane. I have a P45 ESC for it but I need a good brushless motor. I have a mega 22/45/6 but not sure it's the right one. Any thoughts?


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Better check the numbers on your motor.

The megamotors website doesn't list a 22/45/6.

The 22/45 series motors are monsters.

Perhaps you meant a 16/15/6 or some other motor?


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