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Low Cost Microcontroller Development Tool

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Atmel recently introduced a new microcontroller development tool called the Dragon. It supports all the AVR devices (up to 32K Flash), has a nice prototyping area, as well as interfaces with external target boards. And the provided IDE includes an assembler and C compiler. All for under $50. Really.

They don't seem to be doing a very good job of advertising it and their web site has very few details about it. But, if you look hard, you will see that it would be a nice way to get introduced to microcontrollers. Even experienced programmers will want one of these cool tools. AVR Dragon <Click Me!>


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Hi, Mr Cam

First of all .... a Happy New Year !!! :)

You should also have a look to PSoC ( from CYPRESS ) and their dev. environment ( PSoC Express ...) I just can't think to what could be done with ...

or should I say it's ENORMOUS !!! :blink:

Freescale's "CodeWarrior" is a little thing, put aside ...

at the cost of ... less than 10$ for a 32K memory device !!! ... and 35 Bucks for the mini-programmer !!! ... and the IDE is ... FREE.


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