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DX6 transmitter mod

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I would like to convert my DX6 transmitter from gimbals and potentiometers to on/off momentary switches. Essentially, I would like the four proportional channels to act like the 'flap' switch (all-or nothing). The intent is to use the four channels, with push-button input, to drive rc PIC switches as long as the button is held down.

This transmitter uses 5k pots on the four primary control gimbals. When the stick is pushed to one limit, the pot is split 4k/1k. How do I simulate this "full throw" of the gimbal with momentary switches?

Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks. >Thom

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I think you've already nailed it. Just use a momentary SPDT PB switches and connect the two resistor pairs to it. One switch direction would be connected to 1K/4K, the other direction would be 4K/1K.

This could also be done with a DPDT PB switch and one resistor pair. But, this method will severely limit your PB switch choices.

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