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Need Help troubleshooting RCFS V-2

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I know that I must be doing something wrong as I have built the BitSwitch, PanCam,CamMan, and the RCFS v1 and they all worked flawlessly. I program up the 12F683 it programs and passes the verification. I have tripple checked the configuration word and it is

100 Internal R/c Oscilator

0 WDT off


0 MCLRE off

1 CP off

1 CDP off

11 BODEN BOD enabled SODEN disabled

1 IESO on

1 FCMEM on

when I power up I get one blink on then after about a second It comes on solid. I have no servo contol. The program button has no affect , the LED just stays on constant after the initial power up. Any ideas?

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My first thought is that your programmer has over-written or corrupted the PIC's factory OSCAL calibration constant bits. This address is the same one used for the BODEN and PWRTE threshold fuses.

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