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Future video glasses for FPV?

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There was an article in the local section of the daily newpaper about a company just breaking into the consumer market. Previously the market they concentrated were making optical viewrs for the military and medical fields.

Their new product is called MYvu media player - a pair of thin goggles that act as a minimum TV Screen. It is designed for use with and ipod's and other players.Surely with that type of technical support there should be some adaptations for our equipment.

B) Check the view here B)

My Webpage

The company's name is Micro Optical Corp. in Westwood, Massachusetts.

Note: drag your cursor through the view of the goggles - to simulate the view if you turned your head while wearing them.

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And the specs?

I'd seen them in a magazine too, that was some plain 320x240 again.

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Agrrr , dang website woke my wife up at 2:30am.

Well they are very quick to sell, Order it Now it's right there but not much talk about the product.

Well, a shoot in the dark. <_<

Thank's for the info.

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