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DC~DC Converter

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I remember a dc-dc converter that was used by forum members on the old yahoo group. I would like to get that part number please. I am trying to get 12vdc from 2 poly cells.

I recieved a sample of max608 that looked pretty good at first, but now I see it needs a few external components. Maybe the digikey part number would require less external components??

BTW, maxim-ic has a great samples. Almost all of thier stuff is avaialable for free sample (quantity 2) and with free shipping. Amps, Micros, etc.... it's great.

sample cart

Thanks for that part number ;)

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The 1 amp dc-dc switcher pioneered by RC-CAM and which I use is the PT5041

If you can do SMD work I have some of these switchers, supporting components and circuit board that make installation easier.

Email me if interested.



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