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Attention: RC-CAM.com will be closing down August 2021.

The RC-Cam.com forum was the very first online community dedicated to the advancement of wireless video cameras on radio controlled (R/C) models. This is now called "FPV" (First Person View). We are proud of the contributions that our members have made to the FPV hobby.

We've seen significant changes over the last twenty years. Initially there were a lot of eager R/C hobbyist that built their own video systems. Allowing these creative individuals to share their work was the purpose of this site. Now the FPV market is flooded with low cost systems; Sadly DiY FPV video projects are now rarely discussed.

RC-CAM.com (main site and forum) will be closing down August 2021. This is being announced now (March 2021) so that everyone has time to download any information that is important to them. After the site is shutdown the information will no longer be available here.

We appreciate every member's involvement with advancing the FPV hobby. It is indeed sad to say goodbye to all our online friends. Be safe and stay healthy.

USA Ham Radio Goes Codeless in Feb 2007

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Care to translate that? I haven't learned morse yet. :)

Will this affect us?


Hey I don't know morse code either but Mr. RC-Cam left an opportunity here. :lol: Go figure that the "Wizard of Oz"


could catch me with my pants down and reply so FAST!

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Dang, I just tossed my QST magazine; they had published the details. I recall that no more Advanced Class tickets will be offered. I am not sure if existing holders will automatically transition to the higher class. Maybe the link I posted has some info on that.

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I have a QST at home, I guess I could look it up. I usually just look at the pictures.

This is kinda off topic but I was thinking about using the Byonics TT3 or the SMT module into the audio out of the Camera transmitter, to the receiver and then to the PC sound card. People having any luck with that?

Have you seen the 2 meter 300 mw transmitter they now have? All on a 1"X3" card.

I had an Eagletree, but it was broken out of the box and am not sure if I want to mess with it when it returns. Does not seem very robust. I really only need the cam and GPS to try some cloudbase flying in my sailplane.

How much range are people getting with the 500mw system? I know, I know depends on the antenna.

Later, de N5CCO

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This is kinda off topic but I was thinking about using the Byonics TT3 or the SMT module into the audio out of the Camera transmitter, to the receiver and then to the PC sound card. People having any luck with that?

A few have done that and it worked for them. There are some old discussions about it on the forum. To keep this this thread on-topic, it would be best to add your TinyTrak questions to them.

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I will ask the question by first telling what I think the Tiny Trak is and how it could be used by RC-CAM types without regards to being a ham.

The Tiny Trak is a GPS encoder that was developed basically for the Hams by a Ham. Where the Hams come into play is that there is a world wide network of Hams on allowed frequencies, what we call 2 meters (144-148Mhz) under the name of APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System). The Tiny Trak encoder can be programmed to key the 2 meter radio with information garnered from the GPS module thereby signalling to listening stations its location. The Hams in the APRS can pick up these signals through various 2 meter networks and repeaters. I have never used the APRS system but have used 2 meters for voice. With the advent of the internet now some of these 2 meter transmitters can be viewed online. The encoder transmits a modem signal which the audio input of the Cam transmitters should accept handily.

Where RC-CAM comes into play with these Tiny Traks is that on some of the RC-CAM transmitters there is the option to hook in an audio input, be it a microphone or the Tiny Track GPS encoder. Many of the RC-CAm transmitters can carry a dual role. Not only carrying video they can also carry GPS information to a receiving computer to record or play live GPS postions. By using it in this configuration with your non-licensed RC-CAM transmitter no amateur radio license is required.

Having never used GPS in this configuration. My question is whether the audio quality is reliable enough to use it for good positioning knowledge in a live situation, for instance if you lose track of your model if it were at the extremes of one's vision? Could one look at tracking software on the computer and see the model reliably in relation to a moving vehicle? Is the refresh rate of once per second adequate enough? Will the extra bandwidth, and there may not be extra bandwidth cause the RC-Cam transmitter to draw excessive amounts of power?


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