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KX131 and low resolution goggles Question

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I have the KX-131 camera with 320 horizontal lines of resolution. The video goggles I have are I-Theatre and 230,000 pixels resolution.

Question: given the limitations of the camera that I own, is there anything to be gained by moving up to high resolution goggles?


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Yes, for several reasons.

First, the lines of resolution that you refer to are virtual lines.

All video cameras in a given format have the same number of scan lines.

therefore goggles that can display more of the actual scan lines will provide

a better image, even with an inexpensive camera.

A higher contrast ratio will also provide a better image.

Perhaps even more important than the pixel count is the field of view.

A wider field of view is important for FPV and is dependant on the optics

rather than the electronics.


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I'll add that low resolution goggles have big pixels you can clearly distinguish. With high resolution ones that's one less thing to see :)

The KX131 is supposed to be 380 lines too.

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