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Isaac F

Medusa BEC's in/out wires labeled backwards

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Hello guys, since I am pretty sure many of you use BEC (Battery Eliminator) for your RX´s make sure to read this and be carefull.

This was posted in several forums like helifreak, runryder, rcuniverse and others........

This does not happend to me. It happend to a forum member name: lakespinner2

I just copy and paste here so you know about this in order to prevent you guys of experince the same thing.

You can read lakespinner2 initial post at: http://runryder.com/helicopter/t316871p1/

So be carefull and spread the word.



Here is what lakespinner2 post:

I recently bought two Medusa BEC's, I bought one two or three weeks ago and just received the second one today. BOTH of them have the input and output wires labeled backwards.

If you're installing one don't assume it's labeled correctly. CHECK it somehow.

It totally destroyed a brand new gyro and a swash servo in less than two seconds. There was a loud bang with white smoke pouring from the Medusa BEC and gray smoke pouring from the swash servo housing.

I don't trust the other two servos or receiver on my new T-rex 600 after being subjected to that kind of trauma. I've already re-bought the gyro and servos, to a tune of roughly $500. I still have to get a new receiver so it'll end up being about a $600 manufacturing mistake. It's hard to believe one sticker can do this much damage. The story I got on the phone was that they had a relatively new employee involved in the manufacturing process somehow.

Medusa won't cover ANY of the damage. They did say they had sent me a new BEC to replace the mis-labeled one.

When I first spoke with the Medusa folks they seemed unaware of the problem until I called and sent them photos of my char-broiled BEC. I also called a vendor and they checked a couple of new BEC's they had in stock and they both were labeled backwards as well. I was told Medusa was calling their distributers about it.

I had hoped Medusa would help me out with at least the one totally dead servo and gyro but no dice. They first claimed I'd modified the BEC, which I guess is somewhat true; I did add connectors to both ends of the wires and I added a ferrite ring.

Then they said I should have noticed the reversed labeling since the instructions are in the package. In truth I didn't read the instructions, there's only two wires marked "Battery" and "Load." Being an electrical engineer it seemed pretty simple and I've wired up at least half a dozen in the past without any problems. In my defense, their QC didn't catch it either and they see them every day.

I was kind of surprised at their lack of sympathy and support, I've been a pretty loyal Medusa customer for the last couple of years, I have a few of their motors in my little T-rex 450's.

I know everything you buy says they're not responsible for consequential damages but this just smells bad. On so many levels.

I ran a little voltage test on the one I received today. (I ordered another BEC the same day the first one went into self destruct mode, it took me a day to find the root cause of the problem.) I'll add a pic or two.

If you made it this far, thanks, I feel a 'little' better after venting, but I really don't want anyone else to have to go through this. It is VERY VERY hard on the wallet.



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