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Problem with reconnecting power supply...

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:( Don't know how to reconnect and solder wirering, the problem: The main leads got stuck and ripped right out of the camera-transmitter, the leads are red for plus, black for gnd or minus and white , now here's the logic of it; red and black give away a stable 5 V, that's what the cam/transmitter needs to work on, the white and black do the full power without any reduction, the white lead is plus, like the mentioned red one!

The camera/transmitter is an 2.4 gHz 10 W type, it has no brand but I think it's from the China region. The whole thing is very small, it fits between your thumb and indexfinger !

The real hard part is that there's no diagram, the box were it was in said FC or AV/AWV or anything.

So who knows the answer to my problem, or the factory's name and e-mail adress???

Regards, Marcel

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If it is that small I am guessing it is a 10 mWatt transmitter not a full 10 WATT transmitter. I have the 3 watt transmitter from blackwidow and it is the size of 1.5 packs of cigs.


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