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ATMEL Butteryfly Demo Board

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For those of you that want to learn a bit of C-Language programming, but are on a budget, then consider the ATMEL Butterfly Demo Board. It is only $25 and their development software is free. Details: ATMEL Butterfly Info.

Once you have it mastered, you can expand it for R/C use. How about adding a barometric altimeter or perhaps decode a servo signal? Maybe you would like to control something by R/C? No problem, all the tools are found in this wildly fun and educational project: Monarch Butterfly Project. Of course I am biased. I know the author. :)


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Hehe, nice work :)

Too bad you didn't find the gcc port from the start, as you've certainly seen it's pretty straightforward to play with :)

I still have one of those boards in a tray, I had started doing a logger for whatever I've now forgotten about, and had to leave that aside for time reasons... but it still is a very neat and cheap demo board.

Edit: Oho, just found the thread where I'd been mentioning that thing in the first place: http://www.rc-cam.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=175

Woo, 2003... time flies :wacko:

Funny, I had completely forgotten about having done that PWM thingy...

And we had even been talking about the gcc port ;)

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just found the thread where I'd been mentioning that thing in the first place: http://www.rc-cam.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=175

That is a good old thread. No doubt it influenced the decision to create the Monarch project. :)

Long ago there were some folks at rcgroups that were interested in using the Butterfly for R/C apps. I don't think anyone got very far; hopefully the published Monarch article helps someone out.

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Maybe :)

I now tend to try and make things that are a bit smaller, I think Zlog size is perfect for our onboard apps.

A also tend to be biased having used PICs for quite a while now and I'm a bit sticking to those... but you've just proven the addiction can be beaten, so we never know :lol:

I liked the idea of the free AVRGCC tools and I still do. I'd just need to equip myself with a new programmer...

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Play with B-Flys all the time at work. We needed a field programmer on the cheap, you guessed it. Butterflies. They must produce those things by the 100's of thousands. Invaluable learning tool plus there are a lot of free compilers out there as oppposed to pics and picbasic or stamps.

Matt Klarich

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hehe Kilrah, I have been an adicted PIC lover and user for many years !

both as hobby and in my prof life.

but efter learning about the Atmel AVR series and the free GCC compiler,

I always use AVR's now.

just get a cheap USB programmer called ATAVRISP2 and start !

The AVR's execute code much faster, draw less current, are cheaper, and the free C compiler really kick the PIC's out.

I have only found one task where I needed a PIC and could not use an AVR

that was this servotester:


by the way I still have a few on stock, hint hint.

the avr internal oscilator have some jitter, and the accuracy was too bad.

The PIC internal osc is rock stable, no jitter at all, and initial more accurate and possible to fine tune even over at really good range.

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Ooh $34 :blink:

Cheap indeed, I think I'll get one. I've already ordered some AVR samples :blush:

Haha, just checked the local distributor, they have the programmer for ~$110! :lol:

Once again, it will end much cheaper paying $35 shipping from the US... getting used to it...

That issue about the on-chip OSC sounds very bad though. 90% of my applications use it and strongly depend on it (handling servo signals, PPM frames,...)

Well, we'll see. It's true I've never had one single problem with PICs.

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