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Iron Maiden Flight

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So it has begun.....

My Brothers and I first FPV flight was a success. All equipment purchased worked better than anticipated and the Easystar platform fully loaded, was a pure joy to fly.

It took 2 weeks of planning and waiting to get everything set for the "christening" of the EZ*, and a few small lessons learned the hard way, and a few surprises about another aircraft platform for FPV. I'll say more later about that, but it turns out my Bros. stock electric Cub had all the power and lift to carry the vid equipment I had. I highly recommend it as a trainer and FPV aircraft. It proved itself during the whole 3 hours of flying we did.

Here are our birds....


Besides some small glitches like having the prop backwards, and the motor direction backwards, the easystar lived up to it's namesake. After getting those swapped correctly (which only took 5 min.) everything was a GO.

I throttled her up to 3/4 stick and threw it at a 40 degree angle. It didn't "leap" from my hand, but it did fly straight and that is what I was most worried about. It felt so heavy with everything on board, but the brushless had plenty of thrust and after a 1 second drop in altitude it was off and began climbing level without any "up" input from me.


This first flight was just a weight test. I hadn't turned on the video equipment, so I trimmed her out, and did some flying at all throttle levels to get a feel. It ws solid throughout. When I cut off the engine it glided incredibly well. As soon as I realized how stable it was, I instantly wanted to land to try FPV flight. To my surprise, The EZ* just didn't want to land! I ate up over 100 feet of runway expecting it to drop on to the ground when the motor cut off, but it just kept gliding. I had to nose down the get it to land. This plane is made to fly!

So we get everything turned up. And as I'm flying everyone in our party is having a look into the HMD's. Wow's all around.


When I put them on, I was blown away. :ph34r::ph34r:

No disorentation, lots of detail and clairity. I had zero problem flying with them. It was instant comfort. In fact my bro and I both were able to fly perfectly right when we put them on. It was great. So great and so much fun that I totally forgot to even use the PAN servo the camera was mounted on! :rolleyes:


I had plenty of FOV, just a small turn of the EZ* brought anything in view. I also realized that an altimeter would be very helpful when flying FPV. I knew if I was getting low, but I never knew how high I was. Luckily I had severall spotters that would begin panicing when they could barely see the plane! :lol:

They said they lost sight of it a few times during the 15 minute flight, but amazingly, video NEVER dropped out. I never got snow, or banding in the feed. We were all very happy and impressed how solid the equipment was. My hmds, will show static and do not default to a blue screen, but I had zero static all flights.

Then came the last glitch of the flight. The blasted LOW VOLTAGE CUTOFF. (insert music DUN, DUN, DUNNNNNN)

Lost total track of time in flight with adrenaline pumping the whole time and all of a sudden, I lose all flight control!


The E-flite ESC has the voltage cutoff option on by default and so when the pack hit that point (around 9.0 volts) the whole plane essentially died.

She rolled over and then pitched up straight to the ground. Luckily, not only did I lightly glue the nose area (so on impact the 2 halves opened and absorbed some of the impact) but the ground was soft dirt with a thick layer of grass over it and cushioned the plane on impact. The only damage was a small crack on the foam and a re-glueing of the nose area fusalage. Tuff little bird :)

But a very serious lesson learned. Turn OFF voltage cutoff or time your flights to know when it's time to change the pack. Other than that, the EZ flew like a gem.

We moved the vid equipment over to my Brothers Cub and we were off again. He has 4 battery packs, so it's nonstop flying for his plane.


His Cub flew perfectly with the added equipment on a 9.6 volt pack with the stock 480 brushed motor. He was even able to LAND in full FPV after his first battery pack.

Then he got real brave and tried to take off FPV. That didn't turn out so good. He lost his orientation of his nose angle and stalled it 4 feet off the ground and crashed. No damage though. Again, we were flying on soft dirt and grass, so that helped the foam absorb the impact.

So, after 3 hours and a heck of a lot of fun, we are hooked.

Thanks Vrflyer and the rest of you guys! Without your videos, we would never had known this was possible. Clear skies!

-Bros. Grimm


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But the Rangevideo 922's are really the best bang for the buck and recommended by VRflyer

I already have my glasses, just wondering for which were yours, thanks

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