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Using MicroPro

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I am trying to programme some PIRs to use them in projects but am confused with the fuse settings on the MicroPro burning programme.

The fail safe project lists these fuses as:

WDT: Disabled

MCLR: Disabled

Oscillator: IntRC I/O

Code Protection: Disable

EE Protection: Disable

FCM: Enable

BODEN0: = 1

BODEN1: = 1

Power Timer: Enable

IESO: Enable

But with MicroPro I can only figure these out as follows:

WTD: Disabled

MCLBE: Disabled

CPD: Disabled

InEx Switch over:Enabled

Oscillator: INTRC_10

Boden: BD on SBod off

Fail Clock Mon: Enabled

PWRTE: Enabled

Code Protect: Disabled

Are these correct?

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Boden: BD on SBod off

It is hard to say, but that does not look correct. You need to have BODEN1 and BODEN2 set to a "1."

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