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I am running 4W 2.4 Ghz TX within 10 inches of GPS reciever. There is an effect from video TX on GPS sensitivity but GPS still works, I may loose couple of sattelites when video is operating.

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I'm curious, at what power output will a 2.4GHz transmitter start overloading a GPS receiver?

Depends on distance, GPS receiver type, age of the operator...

Can't give a general figure for such a thing ;)

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see this:


I have been fooling arround with this for a few days now.

finally I am happy about the result.

I forgot to say this the first time around, but I really like how you sandwiched all the boards together into a small package. That OSD you built for telemetry is pretty cool too. I wish I knew how to program PICs and make my own OSD.

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