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Beginner help wanted - Starting Out

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Hi Everyone

I have been getting very interested in this type of project- attaching a camera to a RC plane. I am as new as a person could possibly be to this type of project, but I have been looking around and been doing some basic research.

What I would really appreciate would be some sort of guide for getting started out - what type of kit, where to order from (I live in the UK) an any advice for getting started.

However there are some things that I would like to know specifically:

What camera would you recommend? (and where would be a good place to buy one in the UK if you know?)

Same goes for other equipment such as transmitter / receiver

How would one go about linking the camera, transmitter and Ariel together?

Is there a way to get the receiver to display on a laptop (PCMCIA adapter?)

Any recommended starter planes (I was thinking about the EasyStar)


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