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It worked really well, gliding over 30m from light throws when there was a very very light breeze coming towards it. Flies slightly to the left due to the tail not being perfectly straight. Oh well ;)

I've added two A10-PT rocket motors to the plane, now weighs 81g.. lots of extra balsa to handle the motors power. Will test fire with one motor then fire it with two. Built the "ramp of death" for it, consists of a 70mmx19mmx900mm pine plank proped up on an angle with a groove cut along the middle a 2mm piece of piano wire sits in the groove along the whole lenth attached at the bottom. The prototype has a small length of 3mm aluminium tube underneath that will slide over the piano wire to keep it straight while it takes off. Going to fire tomorrow morning hehe.


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Started construction of the 60% scale model (1.8m, 2m all up). This version will just be a light R/C plane with video gear on it, no need to carry around a huge mount of electronics as the full size will. Hoping to power it with a E-Flight Power 10 and 10x4 prop.


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