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Hi all,

I need advise on where I can slot in what; particularily where and how I can assign "pan" function. I am looking at using one 9CH Rx for the helicopter and another 9CH Rx on the camera mount. Additional Rx functions on the helicopter include the use of an AP2000i on CH7. Requirements on the Camera Mount Rx include Pan, Tilt, and Camera Trigger. My TX is a Futaba 9CHP Super. The following is what I initially project using.

RECEIVER "A" (Heli 9 Channel Rx)

1 - Aileron

2 - Elevator

3 - Throttle/ESC

4 - Rudder

5 - Gyro Remote Gain - GY401

6 - Pitch

7 - AP2000i Gain (Slider)


RECEIVER "B" (Mount 9 Channel Rx)

3 - Power

8 - Gimbal Tilt (Slider)

9/B - BLIP Cam Trigger (Switch)

?? - Pan (Knob)

I need one more channel to operate the mount "pan" function. I tried to use CH5 for the pan function as my need for gyro gain control would be limited, and figured I could just go with what I set on the 401 pot. But it seems CH5 is "non-assignable" according to the Futaba manual.

My programming knowledge is limited and still climbing that "learning curve"! :( Is there something I am not seeing?

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In the menu you have an AUX.CHANNEL item, in this you can set which control you want to use for channels 5-8.

I don't have experience with heli programming on it though, so maybe this would either require you disabling the gyro gain "mix" somewhere, or maybe that actually isn't possible.

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Yes, AUX under the basic menu is where I assign channels 5 to 9. But strange enough, when I tried to program 5 to right slider (VR-E) it assigns to "Switch E" instead where my Idle 1 & 2 are. Programming 5 to a KNOB (Eg. VR-C) ends up putting the function on "Switch C".

I have concluded either my transmitter is "POSSESSED" :unsure: Or, I need to perform some sort of mix to correct the proper switch/knob identification.

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