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great ! I will actually bring two of my FPV planes, both equippet with IFOSD

and both fly on homemade RC system also cleared for Aspach.

Only minor problem I can just bring ONE TV set tiny 14" size,

and we have to travel 1200km by car with a trailor full of stuff.

I heard I got a tent with 2x2 meter show space for my planes and equipnemt

so I can talk and show all details, I will also bring the latest PC software so you can see how cool and smart it is to adjust and setup the IFOSD.

I will also flyarround and record from the air when there is alot of action there.

only problem is my PC sux when recording in full resolution, it is simply too slow to handle the BW data.

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E-Meeting Aspach, Germany

As Thomas already announced this weekend there's the famous E-Meeting at Aspach, Germany. I was lucky to go there and see all the awesome place and feel the atmosphere of great things going on.

Thomas was there to present the IFOSD with live video from his flights over the breath taking quarry, giving you kind of "flying over the grand canyon" feeling :-)

So when he started his flights there was a huge crowd in front of the screens inside the big tent to watch live while he was flying over them, and see the information provided by the IFOSD in realtime and were amazingly impressed by its great features.

We recorded some nice footage which will be posted later on.

To give a first impression I will post a few pics:


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And now for some pictures of my own :) - quite a bit of compression on them sorry.


Blank layout editor, ready for you to create a masterpiece! On the left are all the objects available to you to place.


My masterpiece, not sure how you're going to fly with all that crud up there. When rendered on the OSD you don't end up with the gaps for the gridlines. I hope this shows just whats possible with the fact i can make some pretty cool boxes :D


A slightly more normal layout other than the banner down the bottom. Anything can be dragged once placed, or dragged off onto the remove box to get rid of it!


Invalid placements show up in red, the two voltages are off the side of the screen and may cause problems! It also performs object collision detection.


And of course you can save your layouts to share with friends or just to quickly switch between them.


Custom text editor. A bunch of custom characters are available down the bottom to create everything from a sat icon, to pacman himself (honestly!) The custom text of course comes with a nifty preview!

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Just to minimise confusion, while we're waiting for RC Tech & Range Video to sell this OSD, can I ask, is this _completely_ different from the Dragon OSD - or will the "Dragon OSD" be an add-on (BOB4 board or whatever)?

For those of us still waiting to purchase an ultimate OSD, is the choice between this one (physically small, easy-to alter layout - and available any day now), and the Dragon (larger, less emphasis on user-programmable interface, autopilot features - and probably not available for some time yet)?

A brief statement outlining the status, size and distinguishing features of these two would be a help to anyone waiting to purchase an OSD.

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Yes, the IFOSD is a totally different product from the Dragon.

All my free (lol) time is going into getting boards made and software written.. once we get everything done then we can get the websites updated haha.

Pretty much though, the IFOSD is tiny and super light compared to the dragon.

Dragon has higher resolution fonts and can fly itself home to a degree.

IFOSD is completely configurable from a PC app, dragon is somewhat configurable through OSD.

Price is fairly comparable all inclusive.

IFOSD has more sensor inputs for display on screen.

Dragons and IFOSD's will probably go back into stock on our webstore at the same time. IFOSD's will be available through distributors month(s) earlier than the dragon.

IF OSD's have blue PCB woot, dragons have green hehe. Dragons have better quality pcb's (silver over copper, vs lead free HASL). Dragon PCB is thicker (.6mm), more durable yet heavier.

IFOSD has been heavily filtered for EMI and had a spectrum analyser run all over it - dragon hasn't yet, but will.

Dragon's software is open source - IFOSD's is closed.

IFOSD comes with a super neat program to set configs and do layouts with (mentioned, but worth mentioning again haha).

All i can think of.

In the end, it depends on what you want to do with it, and what you're putting it in. I wouldnt put the dragon in an EZ* but i would put an IFOSD in there. I'd probably prefer a dragon in a $6k aircraft over the IFOSD simply because of the failsafe.. but we're going to be separating that out soon anyway so doesnt really matter lol.

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Although I love both of the OSD's, I'm anxiously awaiting the release of the dragon OSD to put in my Telemaster Electro. It can certainly handle the extra weight.

If you want a beta tester, let me know :P

Since the Dragon has so much processing power, any chance you guys could add more sensor inputs to it? Make more like the IFOSD in that manner?

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I understand Doofer's point. It's getting the same way as usual, you start being not happy because there's only a couple of units on the market and they don't do what you want. Then, like now, you have 5 different new units, but you're still pissed off because if you put all of them together you have all you want, but not a single one has it all, and whatever you buy you won't be happy. Not mentioning it being confusing...

Putting myself in that position as a user, I wouldn't be able to decide which one to get and might as well end not buying any and continue flying like I've always done ;)

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Putting myself in that position as a user, I wouldn't be able to decide which one to get and might as well end not buying any and continue flying like I've always doneĀ 

You hit the nail on the head for me too, I can't find an OSD that dose just what I want, most have lots of stuff I don't need or want so I just got the Vizion. It only has usefull data which is great but I would like a couple more fields. I guess I will stick with it until I find my perfect OSD :rolleyes:


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It might help if you listed down some things on your wish list. We're still continuing work on the OSDs and they're going to get better with time so if there's something you're looking for - tell us. The DragonOSD, for example has pins for other kinds of sensors - ADC's, a second serial port for maybe interfacing with an artificial horizon unit etc. The thing is that I put in only what I like. Along the way when we get good suggestions we try to incorporate them. In the case of DragonOSD - it's open source so you can tweak it to your hearts content if you know C-programming. Basically, roll your own. In the case of IFOSD, I am sure if the features can be incorporated it will. Help us make the OSD you want! What sensors do you need? Temperature? (pretty easy to incorporate. This is in fact the only sensor that the IFOSD has that the DragonOSD does not have at the moment). Barometric? (needs external high-res ADC, or digital sensor) Can't think of what other kinds of sensor?

There will be some constraints and trade-offs, but I think for the most part we'll get to where we are comfortable to fly with the unit.


Edited by Daniel Wee
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Well Daniel seeing as you ask.

My perfect OSD:

Built in GPS to give arrow to start point, start point automatically put in memory at switch on. This info used to drive a rudder home would be a bonus. No settings wanted as I like it to fail safe, no chance of setting it wrong, very important to me.

Altimeter, auto set at switch on to give QFE.

Air speed.

Motor Amps, to tell me engine power (could be Watts dose not matter).

Main battery Volts, with low volts warning (flashing).

Main battery capacity used (mAh) to help me know when its time to head back.

Video battery Volts, with low volt warning (flashing), it's not good to loose video !

Thats it, I don't want anything else to clutter the screen and I don't want to pay for stuff I won't use. Well you did ask :)


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