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While we're fantasizing, I'd go with Terry's list, with a development of an idea I've raised before;

A. Editable screen layouts, which are selectable:

1. OFF

2. Layout1 (minimum e.g. direction home + altitude),

3. Layout2 (lots of stuff, "What's going on?")

by programmable thresholds on one of the Receiver channels... I guess you could alternatively cycle from a momentary push-button on a receiver channel, with more than 2 active layouts.

B. 'Failsafe' (garbage or nothing on that input) gives you layout2.

C. Any alarm setting (motor mAHr, video volts, max distance from launch) forces that value to display whatever the layout setting currently active.

Hmmm, sorry: that's all software, really!

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With the exception of Airspeed - which requires, as I mentioned, a high-resolution ADC (10-bits or 12-bits won't cut it) - everything else is almost there already. With the IFOSD, you have customizable screen layouts and switchable layouts. Everything else is already there Terry. Look at Mark's layout editor, you can make your own ideal layout with the IFOSD. Also, I've not shown it much on the videos but you can actually turn off all the screen display with the DragonOSD. It's all in there - just a feature I don't use very much personally.


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I have been following your IFOSD project for some time now and am very impressed I have a few questions.

Will it ever be able to log flights and view them later in Google earth?

Will it be able to store waypoints to select in flight?

I did notice on you website the links under training are wrong they are


and should be


Thanks Matt

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I'm not sure how you've managed to get that link to come up... i can't replicate it.

No we don't plan to log flights or to store waypoints. IFOSD is designed as a information tool only. All of the space which would store waypoints is filled with all of the configuration options, gps init strings and layout storage.

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Soley motivated by enthusiasm for this product, I have to ask - is there a problem with distribution? I've been checking RC Tech & RangeVision's websites about twice a day for weeks now B) and still no announcements & no pricing...

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Terry and Doofer, all your requests is there or can erasyly be implemented

into the IFOSD.

I did not want to put in alarms, I much better like the idea, you look at the values and you deside if and when something is wrong,

much better for me, you see if the alarm level is set wrong,

or current sensor calibrated wrong, you will crash if you thrust 100% on alarm levels.

however the current sensor can be calibrated by the user, to match any sensor you like, so you can measure 100mA or 100A or 100kA or whatever we can imagine :-)

also several screens can be made, however again I think one cool designed set by your self is what you need, you can with a servo signal change more or less items, even all off exist.

the IFOSD can be connected to anything that generate analog voltages,

and the result can be configured with the PC SW to display it,

the way you like it and where.

Gyro, Accelerometer, Pressure, Humidity, Flow, Levels, Acids, Rssi.

you can change the zero and gain and txt arround each analog input,

some have special abilities and others are configured to math together as a pair,

like voltage and current = watt, current and time = mAh.

two more analog inputs are avail internally on the PCB, for the advanced users

that need more then 6 analog input, they can get all 8 :-)

they just have to ask for a special firmware upgrade for free.

the IFOSD is ment as a REPPORTING tool,

not controlling or regulating or steering anything,

the another product "Dragon" is ment to do more of thos things.

yes as mark said we all work 110% of your time to get them out,

and to perfect them futher with firmware upgrades, possible to do this remotely.

I think a few distributers will be able to sell them really soon,

I hear quite alot have been shipped to them now.

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Thomas, I understand your worry on alarms but they are NOT there to tell you when you should land, you should as you say as the pilot decide that. What they do offer though is an extra degree of safety just in case you were busy looking at the scenery or a battery voltage dropped unexspected. Doing what we do I think we should use anything that helps us fly safer.


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I just discovered this fantastic OSD product! This is the best R/C product I've ever seen with every feature I would ever want!

Would my Hitec QPCM HPD-07RH reciever work with the RSSI signal strength indicator?

Where abouts in Australia are the boards produced and shipped from?

I'm looking forward to getting one!


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I Received Yesterday the new Intelligent-flight Osd and I was excited about it . Once connected to the computer you can put your layout without "C" programing , and it seems real nice , but when I try to connect the video , it doesn`t work .... As Mark instructed , I try several video sources , and nothing .......

The video doesn´t work , so I will return it to Mark for warranty . I will keep you inform. :(:(:(:(

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hello alberto, if it is faster / cheaper for you to send it to Denmark ?

I am in the EU so no customs or extra delay issue there.

I can help you also, please PM me at thomas at webx dot dk

I am the designer of this product and I have spare parts here and even a few extra boards on stock so I can make you happy as fast as possible,

I know ALL boards have been fully tested before shipment,

so maybe postage have been walking on your pakage ?

anyway let me see it and see what caused the problem.

Edited by ThomasScherrer
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A question for those that are using this OSD:

Has anyone seen any problems with video interference added by this OSD? I like the ease of the use of servo wiring for video and other connections, but I would think that it would be more susceptible to RF interference since the wires aren't shielded. There's also the issue of impedence, which may not matter much with these short runs.

I noticed some minor added interference on my KX131 from my ESC when I was using the stock wiring harness the camera came with. I realized that it wasn't actually using shielded "video" wiring. I replaced most of the original wiring with shielded wiring from a video cable and the interference went away.

Of course, if no one notices any added interference then there's no need to change anything! Maybe if anyone notices minor interference just switching to twisted servo wiring may be enough.

Just curious... :D

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Well, no... and for the record, once I had to make a long video connection a bit in a hurry... grabbed my roll of 4-wire cable, no shielding, no coax, just stupid signal cable. Made a 40m extension out of that, and... it worked perfectly :P

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Thanks Pibb good pointe there,

I think that most installations are done in smaller planes,

and then the impadance mis-match and poor shilding may not be a big problem,

actually the video signal in the 3 wire servo leads is close to +5V all the way,

this terminates the reflections at 5Mhz quite well acting like a return path match,

ok no one know the impedance, but better than nothing :-)

some have bigger planes and like me, see the installation I made here:


I am using shilded coax for the video, all the 1m way to the wing tip,

that plane is 2m span. zoom in on picture 7 and 24

I actually have weak lines of interferiance, see picture 64 why !

I made the fault to use standard normal SBEC switchers with no extra filters,

the torides they put on their wires might help on EMI at 35Mhz but no help on 200-500Khz noise from those switcher types.

They will be thrown out when the last parcel of goodies arrive from Intelligent Flight, containing a switchmde regulator with double filtering.

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To define where the OSD's GPS can be mounted in a foam plane like an EasyStar do we know how well the GPS signal will penetrate Styrofoam and fiberglass? If for example it were mounted inside the fuse under the wing it would need to get through 2 inch of Elapor and perhaps a single layer of fiberglass. My handheld Garmin ETrex does but that doesn't mean they all have equal antennas.


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Gary. I would be more conserend about the EMI from some cams troubling you,

I have seen KX151 to black out GPS units if the cam is mounted too close to GPS,

in tiny planes.

it is clear if you place a GPS unit too close to your video transmitter it will not work. the distange needed is much different from installataion to installation and from the tx modules used, I suggest trying and monitor the sat count on your OSD and try to move stuff so you have no sat value decrese, then your GPS is installed best.

but always: as far away from noise as possible is best,

and free view to the sky is also uptimal.

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Changelog new firmware update 1.16 updated again.

* Two extra analog inputs at R20 R21 now supported, for advanced users with this need and soldering skils

* Peak hold values all 4 temps, reset with RC pulse also configureable

* many eeprom location moved to make much more space for layouts

* double the layout area bytes so the screen can be MUCH more designed

* fixed letters after all readout values removed, now much more flexible add/remove with layout editor after your own desire

* heading angle now much more steady, uses VTG now

* motor timer start by either current use or speed fully configurable

* motor timer and total timer can now be reset in flight/or before if wanted, not only powerup reset.

* Trip distance read out of total flight, can also be reset in flight

* The Wait for satelites startup screen now have rotating arrow to indicate good NMEA is comming in.

I have been working on the firmware like wild this whole weekend, still a few more features to be solved then next 1-2 days :-) it will be a surprice..

ok here it is : the trip distance !

it works in any scale you have made for the speed, and simply read out the travled distance accumulated over time, so if you are in km/hr

it will read out meters, and so on.

The manual is now online for DL



need a big screen to show this :-)

Edited by ThomasScherrer
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test this morning driving to work


The calibrate menu updated again, more features and more explain txt added to each item.


The layout area eeprom memory is doubled so you can add and fill the screen with tons of measured results, if you have the desire.

you can also add custom txt.

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