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well... maybe a 3d arrow that moves as smooth as a compas and not with steps could be more nice visually, but the true is that your osd got no special news,

i mean: it rolz, lot of work into it, it's tiny and lot of info on screen,

but it's very similar in the fact of "how info is shown" equal resolution of text, and so on, there is not "visual impact" when someone see it

maybe an highter level of customisation could help, for example i dont like where the info is positioned, specialy in the bottom of the video there is too much margin

i know with software we can enable or disable options but it's possible to move them where we want in the scren too?

By deafult speed is: "0 kmh" can i do it show "Speed: 0 km/h" ?


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I'm sorry you dont like our OSD, as Andre has said, nothing will satisify everyone.

Horizontal position is adjustable, Which line text appears on is adjustable.

You can't really go saying stuff about customisation when you dont know what options are availiable :)

I really dont see what a 3d arrow is going to gain for you...

There is not meant to be "visual impact" if there was, it would probably be pretty distracting from your flying. It's designed to be discrete and fairly unimposing.

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you find it distracting? i find it smart, and it add a little of perspective,

im not sure if i will buy it or not bcos it seems price point to be around 200$ and i dont like it at all right now ("at all" means i like it just a ~60%), any way here is a lttile tip to incrase accuracity of the arrow of your osd:

up arrow: ↑

and the inclined up lines: \ and /

should be just shown with an 10% of accuracity, 30% of accuracity should be spend in that arrows and the other ones will got an 66º of accuracity each one.

that will help to point home better.

thnks for read.

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Anyway I have not commented on this thread as I think the price into the UK will be far too high for me but... I must say the home pointing arrow is great, the arrow is a tool to be used and not a gimmick to impress your friends. For flying FPV I think it is the most important thing your OSD has to offer :)


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Exact Terry, it's a help, which is designed to be functional, not full of bling...

wallaguest1, of course a 3D arrow would be nice, but I don't think many people would be OK to throw more $ to do the hardware changes needed to implement the required computing power just to have a nicer looking arrow on the screen...

Personally the item from the TODO list I'm waiting for the most is the ability to deactivate the display with the R/C. My goal is to have the OSD OFF most of the time, except for once here and there to check the parameters - that's it.

I like my video to be clean, but the OSD will be cool to check stuff like altitude, to set most efficient level flight motor current, to check battery level sometimes... to find home in certain situations you couldn't fly in without... :ph34r:

If it's for the look, we could maybe offer Mark's "Pimp my OSD" version as an option? :lol:


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lol @ posting my picture haha.. Dont really want to see it when its really bright and see how crappily attached those LED's are. Pimp My OSD uses 7 TIMES the power of just the OSD alone haha. Thats an added 180mA of consuption lol.. so much for high efficiency LEDs eh?

I'd love to be able to sell the OSD cheaper, but with the amount of time and money that has already gone into it, it is very hard to justify. (8-9 months work from Thomas, and 3-4 from me). Each OSD takes quite awhile to build and then fully test before we send it out, if the price is reduced then something is going to have to be sacrificed, be it quality of components (which i've been buy all the best of), testing or the ability to add features.

Once we get the hardware fully finalised (which seems to have almost happened!) we should be looking into adding the feature such as more bandwidth between the CPU's, andre's on off feature and possibly a redesigned layout. We can't change all that much at this stage as we are so close to release and don't want to introduce bugs mind you ;) We do listen to everything you guys are saying and try and work out a way to fit it in, but some things are just not fesable, if we were going to charge $300 or ideally $1000 for the unit, we could customise and put anything you want it in really.. but your sure not going to want to pay that, i wouldnt want to pay that!

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the distance is the GROUND distance, the red line.

The height is GPS height - initial height, if the auto zero option is used.

We aim for a product that most people can afford to purchase,

some limitations must be made,

like lack: of super hires, colors, 3D gfx or 3D arrows,

we also needed to use microcontrollers with low speed and low program memory,

we have 350 bytes in use right now of options the user can setup

via usb or serial port.

most users will be happy for 2D ascii style text if they save 200$

also most users are happy with the size and resolution of the txt.

also if the users use googles or record in 320x240 resolutions

(often used sinse low size and no interlace problems with some grappers)

the txt on the screen must not bee to small.

also, it is perfect with ideas, suggestions, it will only help us to improve,

we have allready tons of ideas on our list, but we know the cost is also

an important factor.

A super hi-end OSD that can generate cool looking 3D gfx

or the resolution used on the picture you have shown,

will only be sold in 5 units worls wide, so for us , it is close to wasting our time.

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more info about the home arrow:

the first tests we made was some gfx bars that showed up the full resolution

of the calculated home direction.

tests have shown the angle result to jitter and confuse and to be close to useless

if presented to the user in higher than 8 directions.

RC plane movements and ability to change directions are so fast,

and also the pilot can not use the information to anything if it is too detailed and filled with jitter.

the 8 arrow directions was simple and easy to implement into the acsii charset

and show the user:

straight ahead

45 degres to the right or left

90 degres to the left or right

and so on.

after flying a few times with this, you feel much more confident about not getting lost or to far away, I also look at the distance and the height reading so I always keep my plane within safe range.

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yes it is possible in the future to use a servo channel to select different views

during flight, the hardware supports this, but not implemented in the sw yet.

I like to use a 3 position switch to select:

all off, all configured items on, gps position on

the GPS position on feature can be used in case of un-expected problems,

so we have an idea about where to look for our crashed planes.

or if we like to note a place on the video recording where we have found

something special to pick up later, like searching for other peoples lost planes,

or dogs or kids or whatever.

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by the way, seems it's fake that osd,

im not sure if that project is real,

The pic is a mock-up of what they would like it to be. The thing doesn't exist yet.

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hi folks, go here


find the last modified files, from today.

same video clip of 4 mins showing the 5Hz GPS and the 5Hz screen in action.

I really love to see the homing arrow react so fast, much better than the EM401 module.

the same video is uploaded in different resolution and 1meg and 2meg bit rates

so you can see what size fits your needs,

I know Mark like the hires fand low compress for screenshotting.

PS: I have seen the EM85 getting 500Meters off in the location, after 1km hight flying and fast desent,

I landed 20meters from takeoff position, the distance meter keept counting down after landing from 500m and down..

this looks like EM85 GPS got confused about its position due to the fast desent,

I have not seen this happen when normal flying or normal desent rates.

I have never ever seen a position problem with EM401, no matter what kind of crazy flying.

This "issue" not shown in the above videos, but I have it here locally if someone is interested.

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I have seen the EM85 getting 500Meters off in the location, after 1km height flying and fast descent,

I landed 20meters from takeoff position, the distance meter kept counting down after landing from 500m and down..

this looks like EM85 GPS got confused about its position due to the fast descent,

I have not seen this happen when normal flying or normal descent rates.

This is the sort of problem that will occur if you run that EB-85A at 5 Hz, but use a baud rate slower than 38.4K. I understand you use 19.2K, which is not good for the EB-85A. Other oddball things (like data latch up) can happen too. With the help of a beta tester, I learned this first hand while updating the Inspire OSD firmware to 5Hz. Long story short, for 5Hz you need to use 38.4K baud.

I normally would never post to a competitor thread (I develop/sell OSD's too), but I just couldn't stand back and let you suffer through this problem. So, pardon my intrusion.

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At 19.2k we are still not using all the bandwidth available as we have most of the strings turned off.. is this still a problem?

In a typical automotive telematic application I think the slower baud rates would be dandy. But, it does not seem to be compatible with a agile moving model airplane.

During 5Hz operation my design uses two NMEA sentences and all the others are disabled. At 9600, and 19.2K baud it did not work well during some flights. At 38.4K the problem did not appear.

I assume that the ARM processor just gets burdened with too many calculations during chaotic movements. The slower baud rates then tie up the processor with the mundane serial com task rather than allow it to spend time crunching the celestial data. Or so my simple-minded arm chair theory goes.

i have no problems with you posting in this thread, your knowledge is most welcome.

Thanks. But it is really bad etiquette for me to be here, so it is best if I stay out of your evolving product's discussion.

EDIT: Just noticed I typed 57.6K instead of 38.4K. Sorry.

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