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Its getting closer ;)

OSD Pricing

You MUST buy an OSD, PC connector, and some form of power supply. Using your own power supply will void warantee. GPS is also required. BYO EB-85, EM406, EM411, or buy from us. Config software is free download.

Full Feature List: http://intelligentflight.com.au/Solutions_OSD.aspx

$160 - OSD Unit - Unit only, no cables/sensors/gps. Fully Standalone.

$215 - OSD + Current sensor (with PSU), USB connector, 1x temp sensor, 1x 150mm female-female cable.

$20 - 100A Current sensor, Add $5 for voltage regulator on its underside.

$8 - Micro Temp Sensor

$100 - EB-85 GPS Unit (yes, thats a higher price than mr rc-cam sells them for)

$20 for serial connector OR

$25 for usb connector - only need one or the other.

$3.50 - 100mm Female to Female cable (ie: power-osd, rx to osd, etc) - Pins crimped *and* soldered.

$4.00 - 150mm ""

$4.50 - 200mm ""

$5.50 - 300mm ""

Other power options will be made availiable on our website over the next couple of days. Will keep this up to date. Webstore will be up soon - this does not mean you can buy yet though. Look, not touch hehe.


Wow.. look at that, first post on a new page! Perfect!

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Hey Mark,

Is that US or Australian $? Seems reasonnable pricing.

What do I need to start? Does the 210$ kit + 100$ gps will do?

Same pricing and availability from rc-tech in Switzerland? Or from Denmark, it would be even better! you said we could order from them: Would love to avoid import duties!

Consider adding a FAQ to your webpage J (questions like NTSC/PAL compatibility, weight, size, text colors, artificial horizon, etc … will come up regularly)

Looks like what I’ve been looking for as a first gen OSD.

Keep on the good work.

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That price is USD, sorry i didn't specify that :)

The starter kit + GPS will get you everything you need for one aircraft.

Because europe has such high import taxes, i imagine that our agents there will be adding that import tax to the price. You would have to pay this anyway, they are just taking care of it anyway. We are currently working with someone in Denmark for distribution. Either way, you can't avoid import duties, somewhere along the line it gets added to the price.

We are still working on getting final weight and a FAQ. We fully support by PAL and NTSC.

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Re. The 'current sensor with a regulator on the back' - I'm suddely bemused.

This suggests you can power the OSD off the R/C flight pack (whose current you're measuring). On the other hand, on this forum there is regular advice to power the video side of things separately from the R/C side, to avoid servo & ESC noise.

Are you saying you're solved this, and with your kit we can go up with one (big) battery powering motor, R/C, OSD, GPS, camera & downlink Tx, with no interference on the video?

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If you've got under 35v of battery power, we have a power supply with a massive amount of filtering on it. You'd have enough power off it to run your OSD and GPS, i think camera may be stretching it... Thats possibly drawing too much power.

I'll post more when i get home. gotta leave now :)

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No breakthrough interference from the OSD + R/C electronics sharing a common earth with the camera + downlink transmitter electronics?

That's OK then - you've obviously tested this a lot!

PS. From my perspective, it's a pity the regulator can't handle 500mA or so: 200mA max for OSD + GPS, 250mA for my camera + transmitter... but I guess everyone will have different requirements, and the requests for more current would never stop...

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The OSD uses about 20-50ma.. i haven't tested it exactly, i think thomas has though. GPS is 60mA max for the EB-85, the EM411/406 which i have is considerably more. It really depends on what voltage your running, I wouldnt put more than 750mW of loss on the voltage regulator, or you're going to start getting things quite very warm. (vin-vout)*load current = loss :)

The filtering on all our power supplies is quite considerable :D I think you'd have to get an awful lot of interference for it to make it through.

We also have a step up/step down (one or the other) vreg, which we can configure in 12v or 5v outputs. These are pretty low amperage (300mA max at 12v, 500mA max at 5v for the step up).

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That's grand news - my transmitter + camera only need 210mA -AT-5v total.

Can I assume your cables are -ve/earth, +ve, signal - so the cables from the OSD can power the camera and the transmitter?

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All the wires between OSD and boards are standard servo wire, so you have exactly the same pin config :)

Be aware however that sometimes the signal (such as from the current board) is your battery voltage!

From the video connector though, you have [- + S] with + being the voltage rail on the OSD (5v).

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>From the video connector though, you have [- + S] with + being the voltage rail on the OSD (5v).

with this 5V I supply my KX151 via one of our tiny stepup 5->12V

now I have a 5V kx151 making things much more flexible for me,

since I use the huge step down we also have that handle up to 35V (officially)

I fly 10 cell lipo dont tell anyone !

and makes this hi voltage down to 5V to supply ALL units,

now my cables and connector harness looks much simpler,

I can now swap cams as I like to test many different things,

some cams are 5V and can be directly powered from the OSD.

the little stepup can even be configured in a double mount version,

to make 5V and 12 at the SAME time, from one lipo of you like, neat.

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It just sounds better and better, very flexible, and much neater - only one battery to worry about!

Thomas - 10 LiPos? This was instead of a jet turbine, yes?

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I got a question but I'm not sure if somebody already asked it.

So i give it a try:

Is it possible (in the future) to program an autopilot who is flying

the plane home? If you lost signal that would be great until I got

the signal back and gain control over the plane again.



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YES Geko that is possible in the future,

our OSD project is a measure and repport tool.

What you talk about is another project, and requre also more hardware and much more sw, and a good big stable plane to make it all better.

YES IDF, we can ship world wide

Doofer hehe yes my 10 lipo plane suck 2500 Watt peak, and makes my 2m wingspan 4500gr heavy plane climp vertically while rolling, see my web for more.

Edited by ThomasScherrer
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yes, we constantly add new features that is why it is delayed a bit,

now it is soooo close to a final version :-)

only a few bits needs to be added in the pc software.

Mark will realease a sell date really soon, so stay tuned.

or please contact mark directly if you just cant wait.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The OSD has arrived! After a year of development and testing, we are finally ready to unleash it upon you :)

We have a pre-release sale happening starting today, for two weeks. As an RC-Cam member you receive 15% off the prices I’ve previously listed. This offer is strictly until the 26th of august (two weeks from today).

What does a pre-release mean for you? We have a very limited number of OSD's and child boards available – so the pre-release is a way for you to reserve one. All orders will ship within two weeks (before the 26th of August). The 26th of August being our official release date.

You can visit our web store to purchase one here:


Use the coupon code “PRERELRCCAM” to get an extra 5% off the already discounted store price!

If you have any questions at all, please email me.. not PM me. My poor PM box is always full! Send your mail to mark[AT]intelligentflight.com.au.

We'd like to thank you all for your support and input, and especially MR RC-Cam for hosting such a brilliant little community.

- Mark

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