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Some Rules to the Vendor Links Forum

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The Vendor Links forum allows a vendor to post a link to their web site. Please keep in mind that vendors cannot market their goods or services anywhere else in the rc-cam.com site. So, this is their only venue. The forum is provided as a courtesy; if it is abused it will be discontinued.

From time to time the posted links may be harvested and added to the sticky at the top of the forum. When this occurs, the original vendor post will be removed. This is not a scheduled event, so please do not ask us when a link will make it to the sticky.

Some basic FAQ's:

Q. What is a vendor?

A. Anyone or any organization that is directly or indirectly involved in supplying goods or services. It does not need to involve a profit motive.

Q. What sort of vendor is allowed to post here?

A. The goods or services must be directly related to the sort of things that rc-cam.com members are involved with. Specifically wireless video, telemetry, and unique R/C products. Beyond that, contact the rc-cam site administrator for written permission.

Q. Can a vendor post in another vendor's topic?

A. A competitor may NOT comment in another vendor's post without advance permission.

Q. I am a vendor. What can a post here?

A. You can post a link to your site or online store. If you have a specific product you would like to highlight, then post a link to it.

Q. Can a vendor create more than one topic in the Vendor Links forum?

A. No. One post per vendor. If the post needs to change, edit the old one. A gratuitous post to force it to the top of the heap is not allowed.

Q. Are their exceptions to the forum rules?

A. The site sponsor (dpcav.com) and rc-cam.com itself is allowed exceptions to the rules. This is not a case of do as we say, not as we do. It is merely our simple solution to helping maintain the rc-cam site expenses.

Q. Do you accept paid advertising?

A. Not at this time. For now, we would like to avoid commercial advertising. This lofty goal may change if the site expenses become hard to manage.

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