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Camera onboard, memory card

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hello all, looking for any camera, which enables to store the record on the memory card. I dont want to use any workaround like small photo camera and so on. Do you have any link, where I should check it and buy it. Till this time, i only saw the transmitting camera, which is also nice but not interesting me


Czech republic

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Only one problem.... I think that is a 520 RES KT&C bullet cam ( I own one ) and the response to the changing light, like sky then to ground may be not as good as the KX 131. Also it is a 12 volt power hog.

crash9 successfully used a Samsung SD camcorder on his videos. I own one of those too but haven't tried it for FPV yet. It has a secondary lens which is meant for mounting on a helmet or on a fairing of the racing bike etc. http://www.samsung.com/products/camcorder/...emory/index.asp

Check out crash9's website for a better idea of his setup, maybe it is your solution. :)



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