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Vision video on screen display system

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I sell my Vision On screen display for half price: $55us + shipping.

Current sensor is include for free.

If you have already a camera onboard your planes, you can add on screen display to add usefull info directly onto the video picture.

Vizion is low cost, flexible, and quite easy to use. Using your camera's existing video signal, it adds station identification (call sign), elapsed time, two voltage measurements, DC current (up to 50 amps), radio signal status. It even supports an optional barometric altimeter which can show altitudes up to 32K feet.

Vizion is compatible with most composite video equipment. The video source can be a video camera or even a digital still camera (A/V output required). To display the video, a CRT monitor or wireless video transmitter is typically used.

Adding the Vizion OSD to your existing video system is very simple. A three conductor video cable provides bare wires for the composite Video-In, Video-Out, and Ground connections. They require basic soldering skills to install. The other cables are a simple plug-in installation.

Vizion feature Summary

Automatic station identification, at a user-defined interval.

Display local battery voltage and any external voltage to 40 VDC.

Current sensor displays ±50 amps (~0.1A resolution).

Display elapsed time in a variety of formats.

R/C signal indicator with visual lost signal alert.

Remote on/off operation using a spare R/C channel.

Micro 5-way Joystick allows an easy user setup of all the features. No PC is required!

Compatible with Hexpert System's "ZLog" digital altimeter (available at additional cost).


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I remove my offer.

I`m not able to get the data on screen, I will found why later this week. I already have a buyer so I will sell it to him when I understand why it`s not working

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